Estate Litigation

We can provide advice to you:

  • On Will challenges, if you believe that a Will is invalid
  • If you are a beneficiary and you have concerns about the administration of the estate due to actions of inactions by the executor
  • General advice in relation to the estate administration process and timeframe particularly in terms of when there is or may be a conflict between executors and/or beneficiaries
  • On executors duties and requirements in relation to accounting to beneficiaries
  • On family provisions applications, ie if you have been left out of a Will or if you believe you have been insufficiently provided for in a Will
  • How a Will will be implemented ie if there are general or complex questions about the effect of a Will
  • How to obtain a copy of a Will or Probate documentation
  • Many other estate scenarios

Please note that not all Will challenges or estate litigation needs to go to Court or to end up in long and costly disputes. We can assist you and act for you with the view of obtaining a timely and reasonable outcome without the need to go to Court.

If you wish to obtain some advice and guidance about estate litigation contact Central Coast Family Law by clicking here.